Recent Developments and Challenges in Immersive Experiences and Digital Character Animation

Main organizer: Roger Blanco i Ribera, Digital Idea, Korea
Assistant organizer: Bumki Kim, KAIST, Korea

With lectures from :
Jungjin Lee, KAI, Inc.,
Seokyeol Kim, KAIST,
Changgu Kang, KAIST,

Jaewon Song, KAIST,
Roger Blanco Ribera, Digital Idea Inc.

Immersive experiences present a wide range of possibilities for expression and interactivity for both artists and developers. The goal of this workshop is to provide the CASA community with a broad view in the recent developments on the creation of rich immersive experiences.
In the first half, the focus will be placed on the challenges and developments to deliver the best possible experience for the user through haptic feedback or ensuring an optimal visualization of panoramic contents.
As a fundamental part of any immersive experience, Digital characters provide the means to interact and bring the virtual worlds to life. While Motion Capture based workflows ease the creation of the large amounts animation needed in such applications, there still exist an important need to edit, adapt and reuse the animations. In the second half, the focus is thus set in providing an  overview in recent developments on the  edition of the motion of digital avatars and characters.


Session 1: Inmersive Experiences

Introduction to the Workshop.
Roger Blanco i Ribera, Digital Idea, Korea


Optimized Representation of Panoramic Contents.
Jungjin Lee, KAI Inc.,  Korea

Collaborative Haptic Exploration of Remote Environments with Guidance Cues.
Seokyeol Kim, Computer Graphics and Visualization Lab, KAIST, Korea

10:45 – 11:00
coffee break

Session 2: Digital Character Animation & Editing

Multi-Contact Locomotion Using a Contact Graph with Feasibility Predictors
Changgu Kang, Motion Computing Lab, KAIST, Korea

Sparse Rig Parameter Optimization for Character Animation
Jaewon Song, Visual Media Lab, KAIST, Korea

SketchiMo: sketch-based Motion Editing of Articulated Characters
Roger Blanco Ribera, Digital Idea Inc., Korea